WEMA Director Job Posting

Job Description

Local Emergency Management Agency Director


  • Position type/FSLA Status: Part Time, Non-exempt
  • Appointed by: Selectboard
  • Reports to: Selectboard
  • Compensation: $600 stipend per year


Local Emergency Management Director shall coordinate local response and recovery when more than one department is responding to a community emergency.  This is usually accomplished in two ways: through the development of local disaster plans and mutual aid agreements, and the establishment of an Emergency Operations Center. The local director does not replace or direct the police, fire, ambulance, or American Red Cross; he or she helps them work together in an emergency.

Operational Responsibilities

  1. The Local Emergency Management Director acts as a liaison to County Emergency Management. They can look to the County for technical assistance and training, and emergency access to needed resources, from neighboring communities, the State or the federal government
  2. The Local EMA Director shall, when opportunities or circumstances warrant, apply for and report on FEMA relief funds, should they become available to the town in response to declared emergencies and natural disasters.
  3. Attends any required meetings with county and/or state EMA leadership or relief organizations, representing the interests and concerns of the town.
  4. Coordinate or assist in the implementation of emergency shelter facilities within the town, if requested by town public safety leadership, the selectboard, or county/state EMAs.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of emergency response and relief coordination
  • Must complete at least the following FEMA NIMS/ICS training programs within 45 days of appointment:

IS 100, IS 200, IS 700, IS 703, IS 800

  • Must also have completed or complete as soon as practical after appointment:

G 402



Applicant should provide a resume and cover letter, plus supporting documentation to demonstrate completion of required qualifications, mail or drop off to the attention of the Town Administrator at 13 Nequasset Rd, Woolwich, ME 04579.