Weather Alert

Event: Winter Storm Elliot 2022

The Town’s Emergency Services – Fire Department and Emergency Management – are monitoring the storm and its impact on our community. Below is some information to help you through the storm.

This storm has two main concerns, wind and flooding due to high rain amounts.


There is a high wind watch for the coast (NWS notes this is the highest gusts typically get in the Gray service territory). Sustained winds will be about 30-40MPH with frequent 50-60+MPH gusts. Peak gusts will occur in the late morning Friday through afternoon, ending by 7-8PM. The peak gusts will reach 60+MPH over a 6 hour period. Weaker winds by Saturday (24th) morning.

River Flooding :

Rapid snow melt will cause rivers to rapidly rise. River flooding is expected along the Kennebec into the evening of Saturday the 24th and in some areas on Sunday the 25th.

Morning tide will be at 11am on the 23rd, which will be the biggest tide of the year due to the Winter Solstice along with an astronomical high tide. 2-3 foot storm surge is expected, causing flooding and coastal erosion. 15-20 feet waves. Surge will increase throughout the day Friday (23rd). Surge threats will continue through Saturday morning (24th). There is a threat of wintry precipitation.

Flash Freezing:

Flash freezing is a great concern for holiday travel and storm recovery efforts. Temps could drop as much as 25 degrees or more in a matter of hours and any flooded/wet roads will freeze. Any roads that are water covered could freeze with the water covering.

CMP is preparing for the storm and is actively pre-Staging resources and crews:

  • 100 Internal Crews
  • 223 Tree Crews
  • 400 Outside Crews (no additional crews are available if this really blows up, the impacts of this storm system are countrywide)

Due to the potential for a prolonged weather event, the estimated time of power restoration is 2-5 days. This is prolonged due to the inability to safely restore power during sustained winds. CMP’s Priorities, in order are:  Make Safe (crews will not go up in winds over 30 MPH), Road Clearing, then Restoration

If there is a significant power outage and there is a need for a warming shelter, the information for a local shelter will be on the State’s Info Line, 2-1-1. It will also be posted to social media sites, specifically the Sagadahoc County Emergency Management Agency.

Please check on your neighbors, report emergent hazards to the proper authority, don’t travel through a flooded road, and be safe.