Cable TV Channel 3

Woolwich Cable TV Channel 3 Public Access

About public access TV

  • A government access channel is designated under the “Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984.” This Act provides residents with local television programs and information over a dedicated Government channel. referred to as GATV (Government Access Television).
  • Authorized by the FCC, local ordinances, franchise agreements, and government access channels are used by Woolwich to communicate information to citizens, constituents and employees.
  • Government access channel differ from public and educational access channels. Unlike public channels, government channels are granted editorial rights to choose the content, format, and subject of information broadcasted to the public. In addition, a government channels has access to stored data and holds the rights to selectively highlight the most relevant issues. This “selection” process is determined by the channels target audience. This concentrated insight into local government workings allows the public to be more informed and in turn increases participation in the community and government.