to the
First Annual Woolwich
Community Litter Clean-up Day
Saturday, May 5

The emphasis on this event is “Litter”, that never-ending accumulation of trash and debris on our Town’s roadsides. It is dearly hoped that volunteer Townsfolk will patrol a section of roadway near their residences to collect trash they find there.

Free orange trash bags are available to pick up at the Town Office for this activity, though you may use your own plastic trash bags as well if you choose."

Filled bags may be left with your home trash for pick-up by Riverside on your next regular collection day. If you are using the orange bags, simply leave them on the roadside them on the roadside for pick-up by other volunteers or by Riverside.

Large pieces of plastic and metal, etc., and tires, should also be left on the roadside where you find them for volunteer pick-up. Large items will be recycled when possible.

Volunteers will be gathering the roadside bags and other “found items” at Fred Kahrl’s logyard at 937 Middle Road. Anyone willing to help with this “gathering” is encouraged to pitch in with pick-ups or trailers.

All 5-cent returnables brought separately to the logyard will be cashed in to help defray the cost of recycling any trash tires at Cahill’s.

UpDated - 5/4/18