Woolwich Citizens Needed


There are vacancies on various town committees. 

If you are interested, please apply for appointment.

Please give serving on a committee serious consideration.

Planning Board is seeking an alternate board member.

Public Communications Committee is seeking volunteers for:
• Coordinating and maintaining our Community Bulletin Boards. One is the Bulletin Board in the lobby of the town office, plus coordination the town’s FaceBook page and updating the webmaster of items to be added to the town website Bulletin Board. Contact Allison Hepler at 442-0754

• Assist the Public Communications Committee in publishing the Town's newsletter. Become a neighborhood "correspondent" for the newsletter. Contact Allison Hepler at 442-0754

• Work with the staff of the Woolwich Public Access TV Channel 3. The Woolwich Public Access TV Channel 3 opportunity entails about 30 - 45 minutes per week of removing out of date notices and replacing them with new ones on the bulletin board generator, located in the Town Office building. Please contact Roger (
bigbaf@comcast.net) directly if you are interested in working with the Woolwich Public Access TV Channel 3.

Town Office (207) 442-7094 - fax (207) 442-8859
13 Nequasset Road,
Woolwich, Maine 04579

UpDated - 2/11/19