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Saturday, April 29
Woolwich Central School
Doors open at 8 am
Meeting Starts at 9 am

Guidelines to Attending a Town Meeting

If you wish to speak, wait until the Moderator has opened the floor to public comments.

When the Moderator has recognized you, stand, state your name for the record, the agenda item and nature of your business.
Please refrain from discussion on the article if you have a conflict of interest in any article.
The Moderator will not entertain public comment about specific individuals.
The Moderator has the right to set a time limit for comments.

Be prepared to state your business in a brief and concise manner.
During a Public Meeting, only the subject matter can be discussed.
Comments should always be courteous.

Personal and accusatory comments are out of order.
Profanity, disorderly language or gestures at meetings are prohibited.
At no time will the public be allowed to argue, debate or introduce a topic that is not on the agenda.
During discussion, the audience shall not disturb the proceedings by whispering, talking or other distractions.

Past Town Meetings

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Town Office (207) 442-7094 - fax (207) 442-8859
13 Nequasset Road,
Woolwich, Maine 04579

UpDated - 5/29/17